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Omnirisc employs a pool of trained, licenced and vetted security officers with extensive experience in both private and public security. Our officers undergo rigorous training in first aid, fire prevention, access control and management to serve in various environments. They can help maintain a safe environment and reassure both your employees and the public, as well as handle security incidents with professionalism and a minimum of disruption to your operations, partners, employees and customers.

Because the largest industries in Macau are gambling and entertainment, Omnirisc has extensive experience delivering physical security solutions into both industries and our senior management previously served as Head of Security at one of Macau’s newest integrated resort. We understand the landscape when it comes to enforcing security and protecting your investments in a gambling and entertainment environments in a professional and polite manner. We have previously supplied security services to sporting events, integrated resorts, corporate buildings, retail, residential, government buildings, universities, museums and even border security.

Our uniformed security professionals have experience working in casino entry/exits and have been trained to identify unlawful entry, barred individuals, and minors by reading the tell-tale signs that those who are up to no good give off when they operate. Omnirisc can help provide you with an extra layer of security to compliment your existing security arrangements for special gambling or entertainment events and make sure that your guests can enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment. You can trust Omnirisc to protect your casino’s prosperity.



Our team has more than a decades experience providing crowd management and security services to the events market, including live music, sports, conferences, exhibitions and community events. We professionally handle crowd safety and management, venue security, cash protection and VIP artist/player security, we can also advise on ticketing security and emergency management, traffic management, planning and execution for your events. Our uniformed and fully-licensed guards also have plenty of experience working in night club and live music venues as uniformed door men and onsite security within the venue.

At any event we secure, our first priority attendee safety and we understand that security staff are often the first point of contact that your attendees will have when they come to an event and have some kind of problem. Our uniformed security professionals make sure that every attendee gets a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff.

All of our uniformed security professionals are fully trained in advanced first aid and are able to act as first responders in the event that one of your attendees has a medical emergency. It can be overwhelming for attendees or organizers of special events to address all the potential risks at an event, from geo-political risks, to venue-specific vulnerabilities and unpredictable crowd dynamics. Omnirisc helps our customers make sure their events run smoothly and safely.



We help executives minimize their personal exposure to risk and provide personal close protection services for VIP/Celebrity, High Risk Security Escort, Overseas/Travel Security & Advisory, Vehicle Security & Escort, Emergency Response Team, First Aid/Tactical Medical Team when they are threatened. Our highly trained executive protection officers maintain a constant low profile and high levels of discretion, ensuring that those they protect can live their day-to-day lives with as little friction as possible.

Several members of our executive teams are former senior members of Hong Kong and Macau Law Enforcement and UK special forces professionals with extensive VIP and executive protection experience in hostile environments. We are able to provide rotating teams of close protection officers who can provide you with business trip security escorts and even travel overseas with you to provide personal protection services internationally.

All of our close protection professionals are trained in advanced first aid techniques and methods in case they have to act as first responders in the event of an incident which affects the personal health and security of their wards. Furthermore our close security professionals have been trained in dealing with workplace violence, stalkers, threats and extortion. Omnirisc has the expertise to analyze risks, identify suspects, develop intervention strategies, mitigate threats, we show our customers where they are most vulnerable and then help them to neutralize or counteract the unique risks they face as prosperous individuals.



Security technology is a critical part of defending against a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Omnirisc can help your organization evaluate and test the latest security technologies, ensuring that they meet your unique needs and requirements. We have experience working with a wide range of security related technologies focused on CCTV Control Room Management, Access Control (SAC), Hotel Door Management, Fire Alarm System, Incident Management System, Metal Detector, Tetra Radios, Car-park Management, Lift & Escalator Management, Anti-Bugging & Eavesdropping, Narcotics & Explosive Search.

Omnirisc does not just supply security technology, we can also help you set up and organize your control room, the hub of any complex security system. Our senior management has extensive control room management experience and the technical expertise to tie together and operate a number of different security technologies. If technology represents your eyes and ears, Omnirisc control room management services can help you see and hear the things that pose the most risk to your organization. With their extensive training Omnirisc security professionals are able to deal with incident management from the control room, or on site, and are trained to handle narcotics and explosives searches of suspect individuals or groups.

Finally we have technology integration and installation specialists in our team, people who can properly install all of your security systems throughout your facility and properly test them before you go live with your new systems. Strategic installation of security technology is an art form, positioning of cameras, sensors and security access controls requires experience and an understanding of facilities security and the way an organization operates. We work hard to make sure that your technology helps you do business rather than hinders you.


Omnirisc has extensive experience in the management of risk by providing intelligence reports, penetration tests, advance security awareness training, crisis management training of your existing security teams, we can help prepare your team for work in a wide range of security functions in potentially challenging and hostile environments. Our blended training and accelerated learning programs can help your organization to achieve your training goals either for individual employees or your workforce as a whole.

We can offer your organization a range of different, security related, training programs and tailor those programs and their accompanying training materials to your unique requirements and provide your security teams with training courses on reading individual and group body language, teach them to recognize non-verbal cues and the tell-tale signs of emerging risk or situations. Over time and with the right training your security teams learn to develop a sixth sense for reading the environment and the people in it and with advanced training spot potential problems before they begin to become a serious issue and mitigate against them in a safe and effective way.

Some of the special projects we handle involving physical penetration tests of your facilities, we test out your physical access controls and security, identifying weak spots and try to break into your facility and systems physically. Such operations are reliant on extensive physical surveillance before hand and often involve disguises, props and uniforms which allow our professional penetration testers to break into your organization in plain sight. Special projects like these penetration tests can really help an organization understand where the weak spots in their physical security processes and systems are, from a fresh third party perspective.


Risks in a complex and dynamic environment can be hard to see, anticipate and respond to effectively, so our risk consulting team looks at and responds to risk with fresh thinking to turn risk into a competitive advantage that builds value, trust and confidence. Omnirisc can help your organization implement effective risk management strategies to support corporate governance and help you efficiently execute these strategies.

Omnirisc is deeply experienced at identifying, quantifying, and managing the security risks that an organization faces, a process we take seriously and one which attempts to obtain at efficient balance between realizing opportunities for gains and minimizing vulnerabilities and risks.

Our senior leadership team have spent decades advising private individuals and businesses across different industries on risk management and helping them develop a sound, risk assessment based business continuity strategy and planning. We have risk management consulting experience in multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, education, hospitality, and government. Omnirisc can help you create a robust security environment, one informed by current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and master planning.

Omnirisc leverages an experience-based and integrated security framework with strong risk mitigation controls that can be adjusted to suit your organizations needs. We base our risk management consulting on international best practices and our own real-world experience and we believe that an integrated security risk assessment provides for stronger, more cohesive protection to mitigate threats to your organization with business continuity planning.

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