Client Expectations

We understand the nuances of balancing Client expectations through our local and international expertise to provide the highest level of industry standards and management. We allow our project management team to shape and optimize Client needs.

Assessment & Analysis Driven

Before we undertake any project we first conduct a thorough assessment of the projects requirements, ambitions and demands, following a thorough project assessment and analysis process we produce a tailored action plan which will ensure the successful execution of your security strategies. This is called a ‘stop, look, listen and think’ approach, meaning we carefully gauge the project environment before proposing solutions.

Collaborative & Communicative

Before, during and after any security project, we constantly communicate with our own people and your management and operational teams in a collaborative way to help us quickly adapt to emerging new challenges and requirements. When tailoring services to the customer requirement, a collaborative approach is essential and allows us to adjust our project operations on the fly in response to a dynamic risk landscape.

Compliant & Lawful

You can depend on Omnirisc to always comply with local, regional and international laws, regulations and compliance certifications in order to ensure a high level of quality control in the way that we deliver our services. We work hard to ensure that your organization’s security policies and strategies meet the same international compliance standards as our own, depending on the circumstances and your own requirements.

Community Engagement

We proactively engage with local, regional and international security communities and foster relationships with other industry stakeholders so that we may collectively work towards solving some of the big challenges in the security space and work towards providing free security educational resources to those who need them. Knowing our industry and its key actors means that we have access to the best thinking when we need it.

Training Centric

We adopt a training first approach with our employees before sending them into the field and ensure that they are properly trained, properly drilled and properly prepared for anything a security project is likely to throw at them. Constant training underpins our business and ensures that we drive specific expertise, strong discipline and professionalism deep into the heart of our business in a way that influences every aspect of our offering.