welcome to omnirisc

We are a local Macau private security firm focused on providing safety, security and peace of mind for our customers and their prosperity. Omnirisc serves a wide range of customers in a variety of industries and customer segments. Our protective services, developed in collaboration with our customers, leverage a high degree of technology and continuously evolve to better protect your interests and enforce your security no matter what the circumstances.

Protecting your commercial prosperity is the cornerstone of Omnirisc’s efforts and we continuously work to develop our service offering and evolve our own internal training, enabling us to meet customer specific demands at a competitive price. With extensive experience in both private and public security and a culture of continuous improvement, you can rely on us to enforce your security and protect your commercial interests. Omnirisc security engagements are supported 24/7 by a local and international team dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer support and service.

our values

Our values are the foundation of our business and our internal company culture is built on these values,
they help us shape a long-term and financially successful security business by creating tangible and sustained value
for our customers, our people and our partners. 
Our values can be summarized as: Integrity, Vigilance and Responsibility.




Omnirisc’s focus on integrity has allowed us to sustain a commitment to service, standards, and fairness as we have grown over the last decade.  Our integrity is the moral force which drives everything our people do and governs the interactions they have with others. We recruit honest people and, after extensive training, we trust them to work unsupervised on your premises when protecting your commercial prosperity. Expect integrity from us in our dealings.



Omnirisc’s employees aim to deliver a high level of alertness and attentiveness  that is unmatched by any of our competitors in the local market. Professional vigilance is something we have trained and ingrained into our people, we teach them to see, hear and evaluate potential security threats before they become an issue and over time our people develop an intuition that helps us to notice things that others don’t. Expect vigilance from all of our people.



Omnirisc feels a strong responsibility to create value and trust in our customer relationships and we hold ourselves to a high standard of responsibility when enforcing your security. We are responsible for securing and strengthening the trust that customers place in us and safeguarding their people, their business and their prosperity. We take our responsibilities seriously and this is reflected in our services and the absolute commitment of our team.

our process

OMNIRISC has four tiers of risk planning and crisis response to provide a Client-centred service. The framework is integrated to enable effective security risk management strategies.



Understanding our Client’s business planning process at an early stage to design and embed our security support strategy.



Operate within the regulatory and procedural boundaries of both Clients and Government.



Efficient use of technology to serve as an ‘enabler’ to communicate and integrate with our Clients.



Assess the cause, threat, risks and variabilities of our Client’s operations to design and implement the most practical, flexible and cost-effective physical security strategy.