“Impartiality is one of the Gurkhas unique attributes. They just don’t get emotionally involved in anything they may get caught up in”.

Com. Niven, Gurkha Contingent - Singapore Police Force

Omnirisc began with a family tradition, one that stretches through four generations of proud military service. For two centuries years and across a number of different continents, members of the Rai family have been protecting prosperity as serving members of the British military.

The historical records mentioning the Rai family Gurkha regiments reaffirm the courage, self-restraint, strong discipline and professionalism for which Gurkhas are famous, traits which have earned the Gurkhas the respect of society at large.

It is only natural that members of a traditional Gurkha family, one with an illustrious history of military service, would eventually serve the private sector and begin to offer their professional services to enforce business security and protect commercial prosperity. This was the beginning of the Omnirisc story, we grew up as children instilled with a strong desire to serve and protect the interests of others and the kind of pedigree valued in military and police circles.

Where We Are

The underlying disciplines which drive effective security enforcement, personal protection and the protection of prosperity have never really changed over the years from our perspective, despite the constantly changing technological backdrop. We are a group of determined and professional individuals who feel a strong duty to protect that which is most important to you and we have always valued courage, self-restraint, strong discipline above all else, this is the foundation upon which Omnirisc is built, we hold these traits above the tools we use.

What has changed over the years is a dynamic threat landscape and the way we approach risk assessment around all of our operations, or when conducting due diligence for our customers. The ever quickening pace of technology and innovation means that we have more security tools at our disposal than ever before and we have become adept at using the right security skill sets and technologies to help you protect your prosperity.

Over the last years Omnirisc has changed from being an intensely private organization with inwardly focused operational security, to an outwardly facing organization which engages with the wider security community in the region. Time has taught us that by engaging with our peers on a wider scale and sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained between us strengthens not only our own team, but regional security in general. This outwardly facing approach allows us to recognize and respond to emerging threats faster and adapt our training and models to accommodate the modern day, dynamically evolving threat landscape.

This is where Omnirisc is right now, we are a foundation of core values, an organization which leverages the best tools available and engages with its community in order to properly understand the ever changing nature of protecting your prosperity.

Where We Are Going

Technology has swept up almost every business and industry, the security industry and Omnirisc are no different and in a rapidly evolving technological landscape we see the use of technology and tools as a force multiplier and an effective way to constantly improve upon the prosperity protection services that we offer. Over time expect Omnirisc to become increasingly more sophisticated technologically as we look beyond traditional security to cyberspace and the emerging cyber threats that space presents our customers with.

You can expect Omnirisc to acquire knowledge, methods and the capability to enhance your cybersecurity posture, protect your organizations digital assets, intellectual property and data in cyberspace. You can expect us to expand upon our traditional due diligence services by leveraging the emerging discipline of open source intelligence gathering (OSINT) and using it to inform our thinking, security measures and help our customers decision making with specific, targeted and well analyzed due diligence assessments into individuals, groups and organizations. With business data expanding at an exponential rate and data breaches increasing in frequency, an important duty that Omnirisc will take up in the future is helping our customers properly secure any piece of their property which is directly, or indirectly, connected to the internet. We will begin to help our customers protect themselves from digital threats, as well as the traditional physical security threats we have always protected prosperity from.

One of our key focus points of expertise is around risk management, we have extensive experience helping our customers develop risk assessments that they can use to inform their crisis management strategies and business continuity planning. Risk can present itself in many forms unique to Macau, take for an example environmental risk and typhoon Hato. In 2017 typhoon Hato killed 12 people when it struck Macau, a human disaster by any measure. But the typhoon revealed much more, it revealed the lack of comprehensive disaster planning and business continuity planning in some of Macaua’s largest organizations was found wanting.

This natural disaster showed that businesses needed to work harder at keeping their personnel and customers safer in the event of a disaster, organizations large and small realized that they needed to properly plan for the next disaster and Omnirisc has been advising at every step.

Macau Savvy

In Chinese Macau’s name (Ou Mun) means Gateway of the Bay and this is what the Portuguese were really after when they arrived in the 16th century, a trading gateway in the Far East. Trade and prosperity flourished on the island, as evidenced by Macau’s colonial buildings which lived to tell of its former glory. Macau has always been a center of prosperity, it began life as a trading centre which acted as agents for Chinese merchants, who were forbidden to leave the country by imperial decree at the time. Portuguese traders traded the produce of China all over the region and the world on behalf of their Chinese sponsors. During the 16th century Macau was at the forefront of all international commerce between China and the rest of the world.

The foundation of Macau’s future economy was the legalisation of gambling in the 1850s, which was further cemented by the liberalisation of casino licences in 2001. This led to an influx of brand new casinos opening, catering to the Chinese market and in 2006 Macau replaced Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world, bringing about a lot of social and economic change in the process. The casino industry has become the primary driver of economic growth in Macau.

The future for Macau is bright, with gambling and tourism playing a long term trend in Macau for the future, a number of major theme parks are planned as Macau diversifies from gambling into entertainment and tourism, both Chinese and international. Macau is also set to play an important role in China’a “One Belt, One Road” initiative and will become a center for organising meetings, thematic exhibitions and establishing the financial viability of infrastructure construction projects and management of equipment consignment processes.

Throughout its vibrant history, for as long people have built their prosperity in Macau, they have needed security to enforce public and private order and to protect commercial interests. As the largest gambling center in the world, Macau is a rising financial center and there is much that needs protecting on the island. Although Macau is as safe as any other popular international tourist destinations, the need for security still exists and there is a lot of temptation for the criminally minded that is compounded by income inequality. Over the next two decades multiple large infrastructure projects are planned as new, long term national, accommodations, entertainment and gambling establishments, transport and civil infrastructure plans are executed and delivered.

Combine this explosive projected growth with the loosening of border restrictions over the next few years and Macau is set to experience explosive growth of the human population. Taken together, these huge infrastructure projects, the surging population and the security risks that come with fast growth needs to be carefully anticipated and planned for, Omnirisc can help your organization enforce security in a fast changing and constantly evolving world.

Our Process

Omnirisc has four tiers of risk planning and crisis response to provide a client-centres service.The framework is integrated to enable effective security risk management strategies.

  • Objective

    Understanding our Client’s business planning process at an early stage to design and embed our security support strategy.

  • Compliance

    Operate within the regultory and procedural boundaries of both Clients and Government

  • Technology

    Efficient use of technology to serve as an ‘enabler’ to communicate and intgrate with our Clients.

  • Protection

    Assess the cause, threat, risks and variabilities of our Client’s operations to design and implement the most practical, flexible and cost-effective physical security strategy.