“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

– Marcus Aurelius

Security Publication

Safety investigation

DEC 2018

In this newsletter we will explore whether a security investigation is required by an internal or external security unit to protect your institution.

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Special event security (2)

NOV 2018

In this two-part series, we will look at the second half: special security requirements for large-scale entertainment in private or public places.

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Special event security

SEP 2018

The theme of this series will be divided into two parts, and in the first part we will examine the special security needs of entertainment.

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Physical security (summary)

AUG 2018

In the past few years of Amway Communications we explored the concept of physical security and the many interrelated components required to form an entity security matrix in order to prevent, monitor and delay unauthorized access and building failure. Justified behavior. In this issue of the newsletter we will review the various elements of physical security.

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Physical security to be continued (3)

JUL 2018

When all the elements are ready, the next challenge is how to use resources effectively, monitor usage, and respond to security incidents.

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Physical security (to be continued)

JUN 2018

The elements of the physical security network are used to prevent, monitor and delay unauthorized access and misconduct in buildings. In this newsletter we will review personnel guards and security lighting.

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Electronic monitoring (ES)

MAY 2018

In today’s era, every move in our daily lives is recorded by CCTV’s full-view cameras, which are monitored in the workplace, at home, in public places, in mass transit, in entertainment venues, on roads, in lifts, in parking lots, etc. we.

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Physical security program

APR 2018

Various physical security procedures are used to prevent, monitor and delay unauthorised access or misbehavior in the building.

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Physical security in Macau

MAR 2018

Physical Security: Design and implement security measures such as physical, electronic or human resources to protect your people, property and key messages.

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Macao’s outsourcing security industry

FEB 2018

Specialized flexibility, economies of scale and customized solutions, these services are everywhere in today’s ever-changing security environment, but why are so many companies still only responsible for implementing internal security? In this issue we will break the myth, discuss the factors to consider and find the most suitable service provider.

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Safety monitoring and evaluation

JAN 2018

Topics we discussed last year included risks, crises, hazards, how to deal with emergencies, and the links between these issues and security, business continuity, and corporate resilience. We will discuss safety monitoring in this newsletter.

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Crisis & Business Resilience

DEC 2017

In the past two newsletters we have examined the risks, hazards and preparations needed to respond to various emergencies. This issue of Amway Communications will end the topic of disaster preparedness by examining the crisis and corporate resilience.

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Hazards | Emergency Management

NOV 2017

The previous issue of Amway Communications outlined risk management, and in this issue we will review crisis and emergency management. For most organizations, today’s “safety” is more responsible than ever. For example, in addition to regular operations, the security department is expected to shoulder additional responsibilities including health and safety, customer service and emergency management.

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Public space management

OCT 2017

The terrorist attacks on the Ramblas in Barcelona in August and the casualties caused by the outdoor music festival in Las Vegas this month remind us once again of the threat posed by extremists. At the same time, facility owners are aware that they must be responsible for managing the dangers in public spaces.

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SEP 2017

In the past few decades, the security industry has moved away from the traditional model, instead of using keys and simple technology to guard buildings with relatively simple structures, instead developing a new system.

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